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S-700 High Speed Rotary Labeling Machine

The bottle diameter Labeling speed Lableling accuracy The length of the label The total power Electrical source Gas source Overall dimensions The total weight
16-40mm 0-700Bottle/min ±0.5mm 25-80mm 2.0KW 220V, 50HZ 0.5MPa 3130*1360*1900mm
Device Description

Suitable for all kinds of schering bottles such as vertical labeling of round bottles.
■ Adopts amesh belt conveying method,artificial feeding or connection to use.
■ Use imported well-known brand servo motor,the speed,high precision and good stability.
■ High-speed sponge wheel rolling stick firm,good buffer and wear-resisting.
■ Rotary disk positioning,positioning accuracy,labeling of high precision,labeling accuracy +/-0.5mm .
■ Labeling speed,Φschering bottles within 30mm up to 600 bottles/minute,ahead of the equipment in the same industry.

Contrivance Feature
Screw bottle body
Adopts screw bottle body,bottle dividing even,smooth,not broken bottles into the chart institutions.
Rotating disc feeder
■ Smooth,smooth and buffer space is large.
Rotary mechanism chart
Positioning accuracy,smooth delivery.

【Technical Parameters】
■ The bottle diameter16 - 40mm
■ Labeling speed: 0 - 700Bottle/min
■ Lableling accuracy: ±0.5mm
■ The length of the label: 25 - 80mm
■ The total power: 2.0KW
■ Electrical source: 220V, 50HZ
■ Gas source: 0.5MPa
■ Overall dimensions: 3130*1360*1900mm (L*W*H)
■ The total weight: 400kg


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