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F-100 SuPing ampoule considerate marking machine 24

Device description
Dedicated to variety of specifications for use of plastic bottles on the top of the plane.
Use imported well-known brand servo motor, the speed, high precision and good stability.
Is specially designed to hold label labeling host header structure is reasonable, is divided into for standard, instant printing, standard part and bottom paper recycling, which is for standard parts and instant after printing have separate buffer mechanism design, ensuring the supply of labels of rapid and stability, and ensure the target speed and precision.
Conveyor belt with a block for labeling , can guarantee the stability of transmission, labeling and testing.
Tag stripping distance by the servo motor, detection photoelectric calculus with PLC, does not need to adjust the label detection photoelectric position, the length of any tag man-machine interface can be modified, easy to use.
【Technical Specification】
■ Be stick size:L 30-150mm  W 30-120mm
■ Labeling speed:0 - 120板/分

■ Labeling accuracy:±1mm
■ The label size:长10-120mm 宽20-120mm
■ The total power:2.5KM
■ Electrical source:220V, 50HZ
■ Gas source:0.5MPa

■ Overall dimentions:3900*970*2050mm
■ The total weight:280KG


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