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FT - 150 fully automatic machine

Device description

■ This equipment is designed to realize the whole fold plastic box, automatic action points.
The ampoule, oral liquid, schering bottles of pharmaceutical product such as packaging, part of the product int plastic support is needed when product packaging box, this equipment can be equipped with the automatic care machine at this time of front end, implementation of attachment, linkage of two device to use, so as to complete fully automatic packaging producion process.
This equipment has the fast speed, points after Joe don't overlap, no absorption double phenomenon, for carton no damage, etc.
This equipment operation, simple adjustment, all parameters can be modfied on a touch screen.

■ Apply to box dimention:L: 40 - 200mm  W: 50 - 130mm
■ Tora speed:0 - 160Joe/min

■ Apply to box:1 - 20 Joe box
■ The total power:0.4KW
■ Electrical source:220V, 50HZ
■ Gas source:>=0.4MPa
■ Overall dimention:1480*580*1388mm(L*W*H)

■ The total weight:100KG


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