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E - 200 vertical plane labeling machine

Technical specification
Be stick size: L:34-350mm  H:15-320mm  W:30-130mm
■ Labeling speed:0 - 200Bottle/min
Labeling accuracy:±1mm
■ The label size:L:10-300mm  W:20-90mm
■ The total power:1.2KM
■ Electrical source:220V, 50HZ
■ Gas source:0.5MPa(need a printer)

■ Overall dimemtions:2100*685*1680mm
■ The total weight:180KG
Device description

■ Dedicated to all kinds of boxes, flat bottles on plane labeling is used.
■ Use imported well-known brand servo motor, the speed, high precision and good stability.
■ Equipment change specfications without change the specifications.
■ Labeling speed, linear velocity can reach 35m/min.
■ Can be used with production line of attachment and alse can be used stand-alone.
■ With synchronous belt clip bottle agencies, product to separate a certain spacing of correction will product as the same Angle at the same time, guarantee accuracy, post target accuracy can reach ±1mm。
■ Machine equipment simple structure, convenient adjustment, especially applicable to the product quantity is little, variety of manufacturers.


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