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S - 750 High speed rotary labeling machine

【Device Description】

■ The device is dedicated to the use of round bottle labeling.
■ Labeling host header is divided into three sections to go into standard system for standard, Raben and bottom paper recycling system, each system separate from the motor control, to ensure the rapid and stable label supply, and ensure the accuracy and speed of labeling.
■ Use vertical horizontal direction to send the bottle, the material is stable, easy to operate.
■ When the bottle is less than a certain amount, the machine can automatically reduce the labeling speed.
■ Using the screw to achieve a bottle, and the use of the disc body with the same power, to achieve synchronous operation, the action is accurate, there will not be a card bottle and broken bottles of the phenomenon,to ensure stable operation of equipment.
■ Wheel type of rolling body, the label attached more firmly.
■ After the collection platform (optional) to facilitate the collection, sorting and packaging of finished products.
■ The touch type man-machine operation interface, which can display and guide the trouble shooting on the man-machine interface, and the operation is simple, and the device can be quickly used by any person. There are 50 groups of memory functions (including the bottle diameter and the length of the labeling parameters), the replacement of different specifications of products without re set, a direct call can be greatly improved work efficiency.

【Technical Parameters】
■ The bottle diameter16 - 40mm
■ Labeling speed0 - 700 Bottle/min
■ Lableling accuracy: ±0.5mm
■ The length of the label: 25 - 80mm
■ The total power: 2.0KW
■ Electrical source: 220V, 50HZ
■ Gas source: 0.5MPa
■ Overall dimensions: 3130×1360×1900mm(L×W×H)
■ The total weight: 400kg


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