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Runwell Launched Labeling Machine Technology with Highest Speed in China (800 bottles/min), to Climb the New Peak.
Industry Prospect
Excerpt: "the rapid development of economic society promotes the rapid development of the commodity market, and the commodity market promotes the development of the food, pharmaceutical packaging industry, especially the development of labeling machine industry. The labeling machine industry in China starts relatively late than other countries, but presents the broad trend of growth and development, and has a broad space to grow up.
Labeling machine plays an important role in the packaging of goods, in all areas of our lives, including food, medicine, daily chemical, cosmetics, daily necessities, chemicals and other fields.
Labeling machine industry is constantly moving and innovating. The appearance of automatic labeling machine makes our labeling machine industry to enter a new era, to provide the commodity labeling with a more convenient and perfect service, and also bring huge power to support the development of commodity market.
However, there are also certain obstacles in the development of labeling machine, especially in the opening up and modernization of competitive markets. Labeling vendors will always encounter a variety of problems in the development, such as constantly improvement of the supply and demand of commodity packaging, uneven labeling machine technology at home and abroad, and so on.
In the face of a series of technical problems, the traditional manual and semiautomatic labeling machines gradually phase out, and a new full-automatic labeling machine will gradually replace the traditional manual labeling machine for wider use in the market. Thus, for labeling machine manufacturers, how to calm down to analyze the market, improve the efficiency of production, develop high quality and high efficiency labeling equipment, to meet the needs of the development of the market; how to develop ideas, increase investment in science and technology, and make the labeling machine scientific and technical, intelligent, economic and humanized, to meet the rapid development of the market demand, which becomes huge challenges for labeling machine manufacturers."
Cutting Edge of Technology
Technology is the life of the enterprise, and Runwell achievements in research and development technology are remarkable
Runwell's latest technological achievements are remarkable. The S-800 full-automatic high-speed rotary labeling machine technology hits a new peak. According to the introduction of Chief Technology Officer, Zhang Lei, "the S-800 full-automatic high-speed rotary labeling machine newly launched by Runwell is the upgrade on the basis of S-600 high-speed rotary labeling machine equipment technology, the rated labeling speed can reach 800 bottles/minute, and is in the domestic leading level and greatly satisfy the customers demand". Recently, Wuxi Kaifu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Ausia BioTech Co., Ltd. investigated the S-800 high-speed rotary labeling machine in Runwell and gave a highly praise. The manager of Wuxi Kafu Pharmaceutical, Mr. Yan said that, "the machine can completely meet our company’s production demand. The original two sets can be now replaced by only one. The equipment in terms of stability or production capacity can meet our company’s production requirements and can greatly reduce our production costs and improve the production efficiency". After the investigation into our company’s equipment, Wuxi Kafu Pharmaceutical investigated our company’s S-800 equipment users, and signed the contract with us on S-800 high-speed rotary labeling machines in the investigation month. In addition, it is worth mentioning that S-510 high-speed labeling and feeding all-in-one machines, ZT-500 high-speed blister machines and other more than 30 kinds of equipment which are successfully applied for the national patents and are designed primarily for ampoule bottles and oral liquid bottles are popular with customers equally.


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