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Work at Runwell, you will be very happy!
A strong technical team of excellent advantages provides reliable services, to guarantee talent planning, future planning, and to win the future!
1. The company selects and cultivates excellent talents with common pursuit and concept based on the values of the company, implements the principle of "Talents First, Care for Employees", and builds a platform for employees to realize their dreams.
2. Scientific selection of enterprise management personnel. Management cadres are the "Railway Engine" of the enterprise and are the main factor influencing the enterprise survival and development, and play the leading and driving role. Create and cultivate a skilled, enterprising, innovative and courageous management cadre team with a strong management ability, easy to cooperate and capable in operation.
3. Promote the development from point to area by seizing the backbone and key links, build two well-rounded domestic and international sales teams, i.e. a highly skilled team and a high-quality manufacturing team.
4. Carry out the personnel salary system reform, link the responsibility and payment, salary and performance, and reinforce the awards to the employees making great contributions to the company.

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